First 13 Moon (YAAD) Training Course Completed

Since the Foundation of the Hearth of Albion Coven just after Samhain 2014, the Founders of the group have been holding weekly Training Sessions, running through the 26 separate 2 to 3 hour Training Sessions and associated practical Lessons and Rituals at double speed in order to ensure we are fully prepared for our first Student Intake and that the course syllabus, lesson plan and the running order of the modules is workable, after a grand total of approximately 78 hrs tuition, accompanied by 5 full day Road Trips, 23 separate Rites and 13 separate trips out to the Woods at night we have now completed the first run through of the 13 Moon Year and a Day Training Course for what I would label our Samhain 2014 ‘Founders’ Intake.

Lessons have been learned, which is why the syllabus has altered to reflect new areas of study we wished to bring in and a new running order that works in a better way for us, along with a whole raft of practical sessions that have been added, which means the screenshot below is now a true reflection of the course we delivered to the 2015 Beltane Student Intake.

We have also been working on creating PowerPoint Presentations to help deliver a consistent content for each of the sessions, these range from 60 to 200+ slides per session, and are approximately half completed for the current syllabus.

One consequence of the completion of the First Run Through of the 13 Moon Training Course (even if it was completed in 5 months rather than the traditional 12) is that we now have our First Initiation Rites completed, only really possible for these specific ‘students’ as although they have only completed a 5 month training period, we have actually been working with them and involved in their training since January 2014 in a previous group, and although they are ‘Founders’ of the Hearth of Albion they have also now earned the right to Initiation, not a rubber stamp procedure, but a series of tests that they have had to pass in order to be able to validly claim the title of ‘Witch Incarnate’.

Initiation within Albion is not a simple affair, it is completed out in the woods at our working Site, and involves the Initiate being led by a guide upon a Ritual Journey – both physical and mental – where they will encounter certain trials and tests along the route before coming together with the rest of the Coven within Circle, where the final tests are administered and oaths are given and received. Not a simple undertaking to deliver in itself, and certainly not something to attempt without some trepidation but also a very worthwhile individual experience.

I wish you the chance to experience something along the lines of what we deliver, and if you are so fortunate, then May the Old Ones guide your footsteps and the Guardians allow you to see the Truth!

Breacca of Albion