Beltane 2015 Training Intake – Now closed for Submissions

Update – this was the original page announcing the Beltane 2015 Student Intake for the hearth of Albion. The Application Window was closed in March 2015! Please check back for news of future Training Intakes!

We are pleased to announce that the 8 Student Places for our Beltane 2015 13 Moon Training course have now been filled. Many thanks to all who applied and to any of the 20+ who were unsuccessful this year please feel free to reapply next year. 13 Moon (Year and a Day) Training Intake – Beltane 2015 – Manchester, Uk. We are happy to announce that this year the newly formed Hearth of Albion Coven (based in the Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire area of the Uk) will be running a 13 Moon (YAAD) Face to Face Training Course, with the possibility of successful completion leading to membership of our Coven. We now invite applications via Message from our Facebook Page for those interested in participating, there are currently 8 places available and the closing date for entries is the 1st week in April. Following this we will be arranging face to face meetings with prospective learners in order to ensure you will fit in with the group. We are then hoping to start the actual Face to Face Training Courses around Beltane time. Our Syllabus is designed to break into 2 parts, the first 6 Moons are an introduction to Witchcraft, and cover both British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW) but also other forms of Paganism, this includes a personal Self Dedication Rite to study for the YAAD and to do yourself justice. The following 7 Moons will build on the introduction to enable the Learner to find their personal gnosis and to reach a point where they are both sufficiently competent and knowledgeable to be able to practice as a Solitary BTW Witch or as a member of our Coven, this will include a Dedication Ritual to the Coven and, for those who successfully pass the course, an Initiation Ritual. Those who reach initiation will then be considered for entry into the democratically run Hearth of Albion Coven. Our aim is to complete a fortnightly training session of between 2 and 3 hours, usually on a weekend day when everyone is available, with each of the 13 Moons including 2 Training Sessions. There will also be accompanying road trips to visit Places of Power, One to One training sessions in the use of energy and in performing Ritual – normally held outside at night – and various Rites to be attended throughout the course. Our Coven is not W/wiccan, we follow the British Traditional Witchcraft ethos, we do not ascribe to the Wiccan Rede but instead look individually to our own honour and our own morality rather than societal norms, there is a price to pay for everything we choose to do, knowing that and accepting the price is what matters. Further information about the Coven can be found on our website and Facebook page, links for which are listed below. Generally the Coven meets at least twice a month and holds both Lunar and Sabbatical Rites out of doors, for which attendance is generally required. For those who have successfully joined the Coven we do offer further YAAD of training, which are designed to develop the individual Witch and aid their progression towards being able to run their own group – should they so wish. We do not offer the W/wiccan format of 3 ‘Degrees’ of training, to those who are BTW once Initiation had been achieved you are considered to have awakened the Witch within, claimed the birthright of the ‘witchblood’ and become Witch Incarnate. We do not charge for the provision or delivery of the course, although contributions to the host to allow for provision of refreshments and to the drivers towards fuel cost whilst on road trips – to places such as Castlerigg, Long Meg, Dol Tor, Arbour Low, Belas Knapp, Avebury, West Kennet, Rollright Stones, Bryn Celli Dhu, Pendle Hill, Alderley Edge – would be expected and appreciated. A lot of time and personal effort from the Founders of the Hearth of Albion Coven has been and will be given freely, so please consider your personal circumstance and whether you can make the commitment needed to complete the course, if you are unsure then please contact one of us to discuss your feelings and circumstance. We generally will not undertake training for those under 21 years of age, although in exceptional circumstance and with parental approval we will consider those over the age of 18 years, we cannot unfortunately consider those under 18 yrs. As we work out of doors we do expect a modicum of fitness, you should be able to walk for 1/2 an hour into the woods at night carrying your Ritual Gear, if you are unable to undertake this then perhaps our group is not for you. To Apply please send us a Message from the Hearth of Albion Facebook page with a brief resume of yourself and your Magickal experiences, telling us what you would wish to get from completing the course and what differences you anticipate between BTW and Wicca. Further details of the Training Syllabus available on the Training – the Year and a Day Page