The Pages below here will give an overview of our previously offered Training Course and Syllabus, combined with the Training Course Intake details.

The intent here is to produce an archive for our Hearth, showing what has been achieved, not in terms of any egoistic need for acclamation, but more to show what can be done by those who seek to do it and put the Craft central to their lives.

We do not think of the Craft as something we do, it is who we are, and as such there lie the reasons that when we say something we follow through on the words. Again, take from it what you may, but if sharing please give credit and a link back to our page.

Update – Autumn 2018

Our methodology has changed over the 4 years the Hearth has been in existence, growing along with ourselves. Our initial idea of training was to provide a basic and thorough grounding in Traditional Witchcraft, that would enable those seeking to then go forwards and find what it is that calls them, this was originally completed using a very structured course – details on some of the pages – and delivered via study. seminar and experience out in the woods. This was a sound and sensible way to take those new to the Craft and bring them to a base level that allowed them the confidence to practice safely and introduced them to the workings that we use. However, the commitment required to attend 26 training sessions of 2 to 4 hours each over a year long period, plus Ritual at least once a month and plus a further 8 days of roadtrips and a 3 day Student roadtrip did mean that from the initial 2015 intake of 8 students only 1 actually made it all the way through to Initiation.

This was a small return for the amount of effort, time and money that was put into teaching the course – which was provided free of charge – and although we anticipated a high drop out rate we did not think it would be quite so high as 88%.

As a result of this, and combined with what we have experienced over the past 3 years of contact with other groups and seeing how they work and operate we have now undertaken to only begin a basic YAAD tuition course when we have a number of committed folks who have a good chance of completing the course. As such we currently require prospective members to become friends with those of the Hearth before they will be considered for a future Training course. This does not mean that we will not answer questions and provide guidance for those who seek it, which is all a part of becoming friends and building trust anyway, but does mean that we safeguard ourselves from a large amount of effort for little result.

  Breacca of Albion