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Nottingham Empyrean – Alderley Edge – the history, Lore and Legends of the Edge – a talk presented by a member of the Hearth of Albion

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Breacca of the Hearth of Albion was invited to speak at the Nottingham Empyrean, and delivered her talk – accompanied by slides – on the 5th of September 2018 to an assembled audience of about 40 folks, including some friends whom she was glad to see in the audience.

The talk covered 8000 years of history, lore and legends of Alderley Edge, including Lindow Man, Arthur and Merlin, then moved into the more recent occult history of the Edge, including Bob Clay-Egerton and Coven of the Scales, Alex Sanders, more recent groups and finishing off with some personal recollections and experiences of working such a magickal site for the past 18 years.

The talk was well received, with 3 rounds of applause and no questions, much good feedback was received via the Empyrean Facebook page and several folk have enquired about taking a trip to the Edge to experience it for themselves, possibly with a journey into the mines also on the cards.

Breacca has transcripts of the talk available for anyone interested and will deliver the talk to interested groups.


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‘The Devil’s Supper’ by Shani Oates (A personal review, by Breacca)

‘The definitive book about the Devil within the Craft that you didn’t know you needed to read!’
Once again Shani has produced another masterpiece, a book of Lore and History weaving together a subject – the very Devil himself – that is often seen as divisive but also enlightening and inspirational to those of us who share an interest in the Occult. It doesn’t matters what your personal perspective on the Devil is – whether myth, personal psychopomp, demonised pre-Christian deity used to convert our pagan forbears or as an existent entity in his own right – within this book is a detailed and thought provoking exploration of the recorded history of the Devil, which places him within context throughout the length and breadth of our history, and explores how belief in him has effected the very evolution of human society and specifically the Occult world that we now inhabit.
Working forwards from the earliest recorded religious history – and displaying an encyclopaedic knowledge of all manner of faiths that humanity has at some point followed – Shani weaves history and Lore together in a manner that enthrals the reader and draws you forwards to a deep understanding of the subject through sharing a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding that is unparalleled. Then without any attempt to try and get the reader to accept only one viewpoint, she discusses the subject in such a way to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions from the evidence provided, while deftly illuminating the flavour of the time and the mind-set of the protagonists of each period that is discussed, bringing this into sharp definition when then further measured against the ethos and mythos of her own experience and praxis.
There is an incredible amount of information enclosed within this book, given not only as referenced source material, but also then explored and explained in a manner that anyone who wishes to put the effort in to delve deep into its pages will find accessible, whatever their own personal starting point. As with all Shani’s work there is more than can be taken in at one reading, and I am sure that repeated exposure to this book – over a time period defined by the individual – will as always reap great rewards to the seeker.
Once again I find myself heartily recommending Shani’s work, the book is not only excellent and exquisite in form – with the quality of printing, artwork and binding on the deluxe ‘black’ edition that we have purchased from Anathema Publishing being superb, another triumph for a printing house who are fast becoming a leading light in the publication of esoterica – but timely, as it addresses the current burgeoning interest in Traditional Craft and the current lack of knowledge and Lore of an often controversial character, this book addresses many gaps in knowledge, Lore and thought and does so in a manner that is both approachable and in depth.
The author – Maid and Virtue Holder for the Clan of Tubal Cain, the true heirs to the Legacy and extant 51 year living tradition of Roy Bowers (Robert Cochrane) – is someone who needs no introduction to any student of the Occult. Shani has an enviable body of work, including a total of 12 books that cover in depth the Lore, praxis, ethos and mythos of the living traditional stream within which the Clan of Tubal Cain works. This book builds on her previous works and again pushes the boundaries of knowledge and Lore to provoke thought in those who seek genuine Traditional Craft understanding and praxis.
Breacca of Albion
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Personal Book Review – The Devil’s Crown – The Star Crossed Serpent IV – Shani Oates ‘Key to the Mysteries of Robert Cochrane’s Craft’


A book both beguiling and illuminating…..

Most serious students of Traditional Craft will be familiar with the works of Shani Oates, Maid and Virtue Holder of the Clan of Tubal Cain, the Craft entity that has held and still holds safe the 50 year plus legacy and living Tradition originating from Roy Bowers (Robert Cochrane). Most I am sure will know that Shani’s books are always intriguing and enlightening, the sheer amount of detail and Lore packed within each of her works is always a challenge for the reader to retain and comprehend, generally requiring multiple ‘rounds’ with the book before full comprehension is achieved – or perhaps that is just myself and my own requirements of understanding….. Explanations and praxis are given throughout all of her works, although at a depth that requires thought and effort – ‘graft’ – for the reader to unlock the true gift of what lies within, which is as it should be, anything of value surely should take some effort to realise…. Yet the treasure available for those who do persevere is nothing less than the very soul of a ‘Lived’ Tradition laid bare, with a depth of Lore and practices that are simply overwhelming for anyone approaching for the first time.

In this latest instalment of the Star Crossed Serpent Series Shani has gifted the reader with many of the Keys to understand the Clan’s ethos and mythos, it is a book that will give back what is put into it by the reader – as with all of Shani’s works – much is readily visible to the reader, and yet the Keys themselves necessitate further effort on the behalf of the seeker to gain a true understanding, and no doubt the layers and levels of understanding possible will only become apparent after it has been digested and revisited, perhaps many times. This is no mere ‘spell book’ or ‘how to manual’ for those of the New Age, instead it is a source book of inspiration, intuition, knowledge and Lore, and an enabler for those who seek always to probe deeper, drawn on by the ‘driving thirst for knowledge’ to become more than they are…

Many aspects of the Clan’s methodologies, practices, mind-set, history, Lore and the individual nature of the Path that all work are explored in depth, understanding is freely given to those who read, although I have to wonder if my own understanding is due to a familiarity with Shani’s earlier works and the effort that has been put in, or a deliberate attempt to make this book more approachable to those coming to the Star Crossed Serpent books for a first time, as such only the reader will be able to discern this for themselves.

Many of the ‘classic’ pieces of writing from the Clan – from both Roy Bowers and Evan ‘John’ Jones – are revisited, and explanation and context is given that allow the reader to receive the insights, clarifications that in some points facilitate personal gnosis and moments of intuition, and of course as always with Shani’s work, all of the book is filled with a level of detail and understanding that both inspire and encourage the individual to continue their quest while also illuminating the gulf between where we are and what is possible – although again that could be a personal thing…. The words contained within speak their truth and ring with the integrity of what is being said, there is a beauty present within what is shared, and a sense of ‘gyfu’ – service – in the reason for their sharing, as with all that Shani writes this is delivered with humility and shared in the hopes to inspire others rather than for any reasons or need of ego, indeed, love is the driving factor, love and devotion to the Clan and to Divinity, both within and without….

There is much within this book that I find feels personally familiar to me, not from what I have previously read, but from experiential praxis and time spent out in the woods, after all, truth is truth, but it is all too easy to find oneself seeking the familiar praxis of our own workings and projecting them onto – or comparing with – the practices of others, yet to do so means we potentially miss some of the beauty of what is contained here, an in depth exploration of the heritage, Lore and praxis of the living Clan itself, a handbook to some of their ways of working and the ways of thought, an explanation of the depths that most will find fascinating…

Overall I would say that this book is fantastic, it is an easier read than some of the previous Star Crossed Serpent volumes, but still one that will require some personal effort in order to enable digestion and ongoing thought, I would heartily recommend it as a must have for anyone who considers themselves a true seeker, either of the Traditional Craft, or after personal gnosis and enlightenment.

Breacca of Albion

Reviews (Books etc.)

Book Review – Tubal’s Mill: The Round of Life – The true autobiography of the Clan of Tubal Cain and the legacy of Robert Cochrane/Roy Bowers – Original Edition


This is a review on the original release of this book, and not the revised and extended 2nd edition, a review of which will be forthcoming in the future. This version can be purchased via Amazon

Format: Paperback

The autobiography of the Clan of Tubal Cain, telling the true history of the real Tradition and legacy of Robert Cochrane / Roy Bowers…

This interesting and information packed book was penned by Shani Oates, the current Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain, in conjunction with her husband, Robin the Dart – the Magister of the Clan at the time of release – and released at the 50th Anniversary of the death of Robert Cochrane / Roy Bowers to coincide with the Clan’s Heritage Event to mark the anniversary of the death of their founder, which took place at Midsummer 2016.

This is not an easy book to read, it is heavy on facts and dates and filled with information, from showing why others interpretation of the Clan’s Lore, Ethos and Mythos is invalid, through to why the Clan of Tubal Cain – and they alone – hold the true legacy of their founder, Robert Cochrane. The 50 year timeline of the Clan is explored, key dates and incidents explained in some detail and then it addresses all of the books that those outside of the Clan have written about Robert Cochrane / Roy Bowers and his Clan, explaining the truth behind the stories others have sought to weave and warp to twist the Clan’s Legacy to their own agendas. It is a complete and fully referenced piece of work that shows in full the trials that those of the Clan have faced in order to retain their Legacy and the reasons why they have at times kept quiet and at others why they have spoken out, yet it is also much more than this…

Once through the various trials faced by the Clan and through the exploration of others actions and their motivations for their actions, then in the last third of the book it moves into exploring and explaining much more of the Clan’s living ethos and mythos, building on the foundations given within Shani’s earlier works to provide a deeper sense of understanding for those who persevere through the earlier parts of the book. I cannot recommend it as a starting point into exploring the Lore and mythos of the Clan of Tubal Cain, as although it addresses the history of the Clan and Roy Bowers – from pre-Clan days, through the tenure of Evan John Jones and into the times of Shani and Terry Oates, bringing the story up to date and leaving it ready to be taken forwards into the future by the next generation of the Clan – and then builds upon this with more information about their ethos and mythos, it is not the right place to start a journey into their mysteries, better to start with the Robert Cochrane letters, and Tubelos Green Fire, People of Goda and the Star Crossed Serpent Series before tackling this tome.

For myself I truly found it a page turner, a book that once started demanded attention, not something to read late at night when tired, but something to read when alert and ready to think about what is enclosed within, when picked up it draws you in further and further, shining light on those whose story is discussed, revealing much about the characters and their motivation and truly illuminating them to those of us who did not have the chance to know them. I would recommend it to any true seeker of the mysteries, and to anyone who seeks to learn of the Clan and their ways, or those who have been inspired by writing and life of Robert Cochrane / Roy Bowers…


Breacca of Albion